Monday, August 30, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog.  I am a volunteer at a mid size church with a small budget for things technical - just like a large number of churches.  I have had some success with church communications and I would like to use this blog to share with other communications teams that may be struggling like LCUMC.

Subjects to be covered include:
Video recording and webcasting of sermons
Blogging (duh!)
Web design
Web metrics
Computer projection for worship
Electronic newsletters
Electronic donations

Big churches have paid professional staffs to perform these functions (with appropriate budgets).  These folks are probably not interested in this blog (although advice from them would be greatly appreciated!).  What I am hoping for is to establish a forum where we amateur volunteers with small budgets can learn to participate in modern communications practices. 

Yours in Christ's service,

Gary Raines


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